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Lowongan Kerja PT. Sinar Musi Cemerlang Sumatera Selatan

PT. Sinar Musi Cemerlang

PT. Sinar Musi Cemerlang is well known throughout the region. We provide wide varieties of high quality spring bed and sofa products with our PU Foam technology. With our over 44 years of experience, we understand at its best what it takes to build high quality mattress for our customers.
Our client range from personal to corporate providing products that suit to every level of society. We also provide custom made mattress in accordance to your own need for corporate level. Every parts and components used in our production is produce intemally with our advanced system. Our goal is to help our customer to get the best sleep at night. As specialist in spring bed maker, ocean's brand is the most well known in the region that rival to intemationally made products, both design and quality with more affordable price.

Best Regards,
  • Chief Administrasi Produksi
  • Persyaratan Pria atau Wanita
  • Pendidikan Terakhir S1 Semua Jurusan
  • Minimal 25 Th
  • Berdomisili Palembang
  • Pengalaman kerja Minimal 2th sebagai Supervisor
Street Address: Jl. Tanjung Siapi-api no.18
Street Address Line 2: Gasing Laut km 18.5 Banyuasi
City: Palembang
State / Province: Sumatera Selatan
Postal / Zip Code: 30961
Country: Indonesia

No Telepon (0711) 7300733
E-mail smc.springbed.palembang@gmail.com

Lowongan Kerja PT. Sinar Musi Cemerlang Sumatera Selatan
Pengirirm Ocean Palembang