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Job Vacancy Palembang 2016

After successful opreating Regional Head Quarters in Bandung, Jakarta & Samarinda, we will soon open Our 4 th Language Institute Regional Head quarter in Palembang to oversee initial network of 10 branches in Sumbagsel scheduled to be opened in 2016-2017

To anticipate for those openings, we need 6 English Teachers and 8 English Totors With Minimum 3 Years Teaching experience. Fresh Graduate is welcome to appy too. All candidates must have the following qualifications:

1. IELTS 5.5 TOEFL 500 equivalent
2. Prosess nautral accent
3. Fluent communicator
4. Jas International and broad spectrum of knowledge

1. D3 for Tutor, S1 for Teacher in any area of studies but preferably majoring in English
2. Aged 25 - 40 Years
3. People and service oriented person
4. Innete passion for teaching
5. Part Time or Full Time
6. Passion to continuously learn

Please email your CV (with recent photograph) to:
no leter than 2 weeks after the appearance of this notice.

Job Vacancy Palembang 2016
sumber: tribun palembang, 15 februari 2016